Copenhagen in the evening light

We didn’t have an excursion today, we were going to take it easy. So we walked our legs off being tourists. We caught a shuttle into town, it dropped us off in the very trendy Nyhaven district. That proved to be much too crowded, and rather tourist trap-y, so we wandered off in the other direction for our main objective.

What we were really interested in was Døp, which is a pølse stand (pølse is a Danish hotdog). It was very tasty. They have a stand over by the Rundetaarn, which we’d already seen. After that, we were at a loose end, and it was raining, so we looked for a museum. We decided on the Rosenberg Slot, more on that later (it has the Danish crown jewels).

Nyhavn, so trendy, we walked the other way
A contingent of guards came by. They were marching down the street, stopping at traffic lights, and generally causing traffic havoc
Døp, a very good pølse (hotdog) stand
A pølse, french style
I think that’s the bridge to Sweden over the Ørsund behind the windmills
Ryan Air
The flight path to the airport (the busiest in Scandinavia) is over the Ørsund. Also a departing Celebrity ship, there were lots of cruise ships here.

Seaday V: Dark

Dark at midnight

Yesterday was the fifth and last sea day of the voyage. It was much the same as the other sea days, with the addition of the art show. We regained our record at trivia, and again didn’t win by 1 question. That makes 4 out of the 5 trivia contests we missed out by one question.

This time, I didn’t remember the official language of Greenland was also called “Greenlandic”, I couldn’t remember “Kalaallisut”, the main Inuit dialect, so we went with Danish, which isn’t the right answer.

I woke up around (local) midnight, around 2am, and there was no light leaking into the cabin. I wondered what awful weather we were having, until I peeked outside and realised it was night, and dark. The above picture was taken around then, the camera decided not to make the pic any lighter. You can see a slight light in the sky. If you reprocess the RAW picture, you can see there is some illumination, like this one:

MidnightLight 1:37
Midnight sky at 1:37, heavily processed to bring up the shadows. The clouds are showing reflected streetlight, so really not light at all.
Misty ship
We saw a lot of ships passing by in the distance
Sun 8:33
The sun at 8:33 in the evening
Sunset 10:52
Sunset 10:52, we actually had a sunset
Sunrise 4:52
Sunrise 4:52
Port 7:37
The port (Copenhagen) at 7:37 am

Art Show

The Atrium of the ship where the art show (and other events) was held. (Slightly distorted by fisheye lens.)

There was an art show today. There had been art classes, watercolors and ceramics on several days of the voyage. Cathy had turned up to try watercolors on some days, so her work was in the show.

Art on display
Cathy’s finished watercolor
And an unfinished watercolor, done in the 10mins to spare at the end of the lesson
The atrium, not distorted by the lens

Leaving Bergen


The obligatory shots of leaving Bergen. The ship also took an unexpected route, traveling north to get to the North Sea, rather than the way south to Stavanger like the ferry we took to Bergen once did.

I again set the camera up on automatic, and it got some sunset, midnight and sunrise shots. Then we awoke to a very bright sun streaming into our room.

San Francisco?? Not quite…
Oil rigs. Vindnes I think. (The GPS was playing up again.)
Just about sunset
Midnight. The sky still isn’t getting dark.
Sunrise (or maybe half an hour after)
Sun streaming into our room

Bergen Waterfront

The Bergen waterfront is busy, here’s a traffic jam on the water during the rush hour

Some views of Bergen waterfront.

We had two cruise ships for company, and a third just down the front
There were a surprising number of yachts along the waterfront, of varying sizes (up to the really big ones)
It was gloomy at times earlier (with a cartoon looking cloud hanging over the town)
It got bright and glorious later


A cake for the 4th of July on the ship (not really edible, just for display)

While out, we took in some traditional specialities.

Skillingsbolle (pronounced “shilling bolla”, so called because it used to cost a shilling. Lots of “bolle”, bread balls with various flavorings, this one has cinnamon). We made sure to stop by the bakery to get one for lunch.
The bakery
We didn’t stop here, we were surprised, but in Norway, this is exotic and foreign
Waffle House
There was a surprising lack of Norwegian waffles downtown, but a search on Google maps turned up this waffle house
It was also a kebab shop, if we hadn’t had dinner reservations on the ship, we might have had dinner there; it looked very tasty
Waffle 😋


The classic Bryggen waterfront

We didn’t have an excursion today, so we took an easy day and wandered out into Bergen. We mainly looked around Bryggen, the historic waterfront. It’s a UNSECO World Heritage Site.

Historic trade signs on the Bryggen buildings
Dark narrow alleyways
Interesting old buildings are now trendy shops, with sometimes treacherous stairs

Southward: Night Falls

Midnight not on the map
Midnight not on the map

Night falling is not usually remarkable, until you haven’t seen it for 10 days. My app had predicted that today would be the first day we saw anything which looked like night, and it was right. We passed out of civil twilight (technically into nautical twilight when the sky is still not dark), so you’d need street lights to be able to see.

The above pic was taken at local midnight, the ship’s light and the street light is the brightest light there is. The place is not marked on Google maps, so I’m not sure where it is. (61° 3′ 13.62″, 4° 58′ 32.04″ looking southish.) This is still north of where we were in Shetland, but by the morning we got to Bergen and latitudes we had covered in Shetland.

Here are also some views of the journey to Bergen.

Bergen - 6
A statue caught my eye. This is Vangnes, you can look it up.
Bergen - 5
Vangnes also has a stave church
Bergen - 4
Gloomy fjords, still very photogenic
Bergen - 3
Our view of Bergen in the morning, and a parking lot
Bergen - 2
A ship sailed by
Bergen - 1
Down that way is Bryggen, the interesting waterfront, where we’re off next

The Future of the Fjords

Future - 4
A sight at breakfast

At breakfast, we were surprised to see this unusual looking boat sail by. It’s called “The Future of the Fjords”. On looking it up, we find it’s a boat of the “The Fjords” line, and it’s all electric. It operates out of Flåm and other nearby villages.

At Flåm they advertise it sails to Naeroyfjord, if we’d known, we’d probably have tried to get on one of those trips.

The unusual design is supposed to represent the switchback mountain roads you get in these parts.

Future - 2
Future - 3
Future - 1
The sister ship, “Vision of the Fjords”. It was an earlier version and is a plug-in hybrid. It was running under diesel engine then, so was a bit smelly and noisy compared to “The Future”.

Undredal scenic

Undredal - 6

Some scenic images from in and around Undredal

Undredal - 4
Undredal - 5
Undredal - 7
Undredal - 3
The village and the stave church
Undredal - 2
The stave church, the smallest, and possibly the oldest in Norway as well
Undredal - 1
One of the other cruise ships stopped and send a boat over. The theory is they wanted to stock up on cheese.