Aquarium again

A few more things you can find at the aquarium.

A puffin swimming underwater

I spent a little time at the puffin exhibit, trying to get a shot of one swimming underwater. The wall of the exhibit is glass, so you can see both above and under water. I’m not happy with any of the ones I got. The best picture I did get was the splash when a common murre dived underwater (below).

Scarse murre
Scarce murre
A kid coming face to face with a cuttlefish, at the “Tentacles” exhibition.
A fish, I don’t have a note of which sort. It may be an Orangespine Unicornfish, according to Google.
The rarest thing I saw at the aquarium

The rarest thing I saw at the aquarium, wasn’t fishy though. It was this guy shooting on film. Not only film, but medium format film, which was pretty rare even in the era of film. (The camera is a Mamiya C220.)

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