Aquarium: The deep ocean

We were in Monterey at Thanksgiving, we went to the aquarium (we’re members) a few times.

The deep ocean tank at the aquarium

One of my favorite places is the deep ocean tank. It’s a humongous tank, kept mainly in the dark. It holds the large deep ocean critters. In the photo above, they’ve turned on the bubble curtain, which helps new critters not to bang into the glass. It does obscure our view though.

Tank 2
The deep ocean tank without bubbles

Critters, like sharks, tuna, mahi mahi, and turtles.

Sunfish, looking very alien

Our favorite is the sunfish (mola), which looks like nothing on earth.

Hammerhead sharks


There’s also small shoaling fish in the tank. You can see how the shoaling behavior confuses the predators, so usually they don’t get eaten. Occasionally a small fish will separate from the shoal, and be vulnerable. Like the fish below.

I want to be a tuna
I want to be a tuna

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