An oldie but goodie.

Attempting a people free shot, someone stands in the way, and makes it better

I shot this one on film, it won me a “digital” photo contest as I entered a scanned image of it. I won a film scanner. I already had a film scanner, I used it to scan the image in the first place.


I’m looking for entries in a photo contest “Seascapes”. These are the ones which didn’t quite make it.

In the wake of the navigators, setting sail from Lisbon.

Somewhere off California.


First real post.

While visiting Mom, I saw the sky out of the window and decided to take a few pics. I took a few, then the sky darkened, and that seemed like a good time to give up. Of course, the last one taken just as the sky darkened was the best.

Red sky at night
The interesting sky at dusk.

This was one of the better ones previous to that.

Interesting sky
The interesting sky.