Jet lagged

We arrived in Manchester (England), and headed straight to the hotel. Sometime later we emerged and had a little look around.

There was a pride parade jamming up the town centre today, so the chippy had run out of fish ☹️.

Manchester Town Hall
The Museum of Football

Don’t forget, “Football” in the UK is otherwise known as “Soccer”.

The “Undamaged Postbox”

We also came across this, the “Undamaged Postbox”. It was about the only thing surviving when the IRA set off a large truck bomb, which took out most of the city centre. It’s Victorian (see the “VR” monogram), and obviously very tough.


After the usual waiting around, we flew off to Manchester.

This was our plane, “Daydream Believer”. All Virgin planes have a name.

We got “Happy Socks” to keep our tootsies warm.