Copenhagen in the evening light

We didn’t have an excursion today, we were going to take it easy. So we walked our legs off being tourists. We caught a shuttle into town, it dropped us off in the very trendy Nyhaven district. That proved to be much too crowded, and rather tourist trap-y, so we wandered off in the other direction for our main objective.

What we were really interested in was Døp, which is a pølse stand (pølse is a Danish hotdog). It was very tasty. They have a stand over by the Rundetaarn, which we’d already seen. After that, we were at a loose end, and it was raining, so we looked for a museum. We decided on the Rosenberg Slot, more on that later (it has the Danish crown jewels).

Nyhavn, so trendy, we walked the other way
A contingent of guards came by. They were marching down the street, stopping at traffic lights, and generally causing traffic havoc
Døp, a very good pølse (hotdog) stand
A pølse, french style
I think that’s the bridge to Sweden over the Ørsund behind the windmills
Ryan Air
The flight path to the airport (the busiest in Scandinavia) is over the Ørsund. Also a departing Celebrity ship, there were lots of cruise ships here.

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