This is just a place for me to put random stuff, a travel blog and random photos.

I’m currently retro-blogging a few adventures, I never got around to previously. These are backdated, see:

Mexico City 2017

The “Previous Blog” tab will take you to the site I used to use, which again has the old travelog, and car stuff. That was in need of updating, but Apple arranged for the software I used to maintain it to kill it if I try to make changes, so I needed a new platform, which is what you’re seeing now.

Direct links to some of our previous adventures:

Monterey Bay Aquarium 2018

North Pacific 2016

Mediterranean 2015

Lincoln 2014

2013 Scandinavia


2012 Europe

2011 North Coast

2010 Europe

2010 Yosemite

2009 Yellowstone