An amusing statue near the Rittergasse in Sachsenhausen

We took a trip into Sachsenhausen today, that’s the trendy bit of Frankfurt south of the river. We took the tram and stopped in Otto Hahn Plaza, mainly because he came to our attention yesterday. There didn’t seem to be much happening there, but the next stop near Schweizer Platz, a shopping district, was much livelier.

Then we went looking for the Rittergasse, which is supposed to be the party end of town. That involved a tram to the amusingly named Frankensteiner Platz. We found both the Big (Große) and Little (Kleine) Rittergasse. The Kleine Rittergasse seemed to be the party place, with lots of bars, and even the real exotic like a Hooters. Though they were all closed.

Where to find the Best Worscht in town. (Highly rated.) Just down from Schweizer Platz.
The Frankfurt skyline seen from Frankensteiner Platz
Not Home
A quaint looking shop “I was at home last night”.
No Elephants
… with a no pachyderm policy
Kleine Rittergasse (everything’s closed)
A well worn looking hostelry on Kleine Rittergasse

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