Seaday V: Dark

Dark at midnight

Yesterday was the fifth and last sea day of the voyage. It was much the same as the other sea days, with the addition of the art show. We regained our record at trivia, and again didn’t win by 1 question. That makes 4 out of the 5 trivia contests we missed out by one question.

This time, I didn’t remember the official language of Greenland was also called “Greenlandic”, I couldn’t remember “Kalaallisut”, the main Inuit dialect, so we went with Danish, which isn’t the right answer.

I woke up around (local) midnight, around 2am, and there was no light leaking into the cabin. I wondered what awful weather we were having, until I peeked outside and realised it was night, and dark. The above picture was taken around then, the camera decided not to make the pic any lighter. You can see a slight light in the sky. If you reprocess the RAW picture, you can see there is some illumination, like this one:

MidnightLight 1:37
Midnight sky at 1:37, heavily processed to bring up the shadows. The clouds are showing reflected streetlight, so really not light at all.
Misty ship
We saw a lot of ships passing by in the distance
Sun 8:33
The sun at 8:33 in the evening
Sunset 10:52
Sunset 10:52, we actually had a sunset
Sunrise 4:52
Sunrise 4:52
Port 7:37
The port (Copenhagen) at 7:37 am

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