Southward: Night Falls

Midnight not on the map
Midnight not on the map

Night falling is not usually remarkable, until you haven’t seen it for 10 days. My app had predicted that today would be the first day we saw anything which looked like night, and it was right. We passed out of civil twilight (technically into nautical twilight when the sky is still not dark), so you’d need street lights to be able to see.

The above pic was taken at local midnight, the ship’s light and the street light is the brightest light there is. The place is not marked on Google maps, so I’m not sure where it is. (61° 3′ 13.62″, 4° 58′ 32.04″ looking southish.) This is still north of where we were in Shetland, but by the morning we got to Bergen and latitudes we had covered in Shetland.

Here are also some views of the journey to Bergen.

Bergen - 6
A statue caught my eye. This is Vangnes, you can look it up.
Bergen - 5
Vangnes also has a stave church
Bergen - 4
Gloomy fjords, still very photogenic
Bergen - 3
Our view of Bergen in the morning, and a parking lot
Bergen - 2
A ship sailed by
Bergen - 1
Down that way is Bryggen, the interesting waterfront, where we’re off next

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