The Future of the Fjords

Future - 4
A sight at breakfast

At breakfast, we were surprised to see this unusual looking boat sail by. It’s called “The Future of the Fjords”. On looking it up, we find it’s a boat of the “The Fjords” line, and it’s all electric. It operates out of Flåm and other nearby villages.

At Flåm they advertise it sails to Naeroyfjord, if we’d known, we’d probably have tried to get on one of those trips.

The unusual design is supposed to represent the switchback mountain roads you get in these parts.

Future - 2
Future - 3
Future - 1
The sister ship, “Vision of the Fjords”. It was an earlier version and is a plug-in hybrid. It was running under diesel engine then, so was a bit smelly and noisy compared to “The Future”.

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