Lanterns across the street in Chinatown

We went out walking at twilight on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, we didn’t have anything particular in mind, but the light was interesting. On Sunday we deliberately went to see Chinatown, hoping for a good show as it’s close to the lunar new year.

Chinatown was decked out in lots of red lanterns. I used this as an excuse to use my “faster” lenses (the ones which are better with less light). Unfortunately, the red of the lanterns didn’t always show up in the pictures, looking more orange, or even yellow. All the lanterns are actually red if you go see them in person.

Looking back up Grant Avenue, with a pagoda outlined against the sky
More lanterns in Chinatown
Spooky lighting on Giannini Plaza
Interesting frescoes in the lobby of the Monadnock building on Market Street
The moon peeking out between the interesting juxtaposition of the ultra modern Jewish Contemporary Museum and the old St Patrick’s Cathedral
“Stubby”, what we took to calling the Salesforce Tower on Mission St. The top is actually a giant video screen and shows various scenes.
Another interesting juxtaposition, of the old cathedral and a modern hotel
A construction crane, one of many, making an interesting diagonal statement.

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